Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sleep...The Saga Continues

The sleep wars are continuing at our house. Each night has gotten progressively better, with one exception. Criket has discovered a weakness that she is quite good at exploiting. That’s what you do in a war, right? That weakness is…Husband. My ally, through no fault of his own, has become my biggest weakness in this battle.

You see, Criket is a snuggle bug. She wants to be close to you at all times. She will take any opportunity she can to sit in your lap, burrow under the covers with you, or just generally be touching you. She’s also very mischievous. We often refer to her as our little ninja (more on that later).

She’s so sneaky that the last two nights, she’s made her way up onto Husband’s side of the bed and snuggled up to him (even got under the covers with him last night) without him knowing. He’s awoken at 5am the last two days to find her snoozing comfortably on the bed with us. Upon finding her snuggled under the covers, he immediately tells her to get off the bed, but alas, the damage has been done. She’s learned exactly how to get her way and there’s nothing that can be done about it.


the dreaded crate comes into the picture. That’s right, folks. I’m willing to pull out the big guns. I’ve been enjoying my sleep so much this week that people have actually noticed, so don’t push me! If she can’t learn to stay off the bed (and Husband doesn’t notice her sneaking up), that’s what we’ll have to do. She may win a few battles, but I will win the war. Pin It


  1. dun, dun, duh!!!!

    Crate her! crate her! Now, don't be calling PETA on me. 'Not My Dog' snuggles in bed with me every night. But I am one, and he is small, so it doesn't bother me.

    I am a fan of crates. Not My Dog spends his days in his....its his own little space. He's learned to go in there on his own every morning. He even goes in there to sleep sometimes when everyone is home.

  2. Both dogs are crated while we are away...we learned that lesson the hard way. I just hate for her to have to spend her nights in a crate too, but it would probably only be temporary. So we'll see. I'll give her another night or two to adjust before locking her in.

  3. Just keep the attitude that you will WIN the WAR! It helps in ALL areas of life. You can give on a skirmish or two...but keep the end goal in mind...