Friday, August 05, 2005


If you live where I do, you might ask, “What exactly is this ‘rain’ to which you refer?” Generally, it’s water that falls from the clouds to the ground, making everything wet in the process. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing. Rain? Bad? Yes, there are a few instances in which rain is a very bad thing.

Such as…
* When you have something important and need to have a good hair day and the humidity and general wetness of the rain totally messes it up
* When you are wearing sandals and have to walk to your car from the office
building/store/wherever you are, thereby crossing the veritable river that has been created by all of the speed bumps/parking bumpers/curbs in the parking lot
* When your insane dogs have been cooped up in the house for too long and need to go outside to let off some steam before you kill either them or yourself
* When the previously mentioned dogs finally decide to not be complete wimps, go out in the rain and track in mud, grass, and whatever other items stick to doggie feet when wet

Rain can also be a good thing, which it currently is. Aside from the obvious reasons, rain can be good because…
* I refuse to spend the extra $ to water my lawn (and I’m lazy), so the only way it will stay some shade of green is with this “natural” water from the sky
* It causes the temperature to drop drastically, thereby cooling everything from the sidewalk to your vehicle; so you don’t have to worry about getting pit stains just getting to your car
* If this rain thing (or even some sort of cloud-like entity) continues into tomorrow, it will provide the perfect conditions for sleeping in, which is the only thing on my schedule for tomorrow
* All the old people will stop saying, “We need rain.”

So, today my toes and hair will get wet on the way home, my dogs will track in all kinds of crap, my grass will get some water, and the old people can talk about how much we needed the rain. Pin It


  1. I like the rain...I like to play in it. It's fun. WEEEEEE!

    P.s. I don't use this blog thing it just made me sign up I do have a xanga though (

  2. torrential downpours can be bad. The parking lots/streets/etc are immediately flooded, causing my pants to get completely soaked [like Saturday evening]. Also, the heavy downpour makes my umbrella useless, and causes the sunroof in my car to leak [uh, like Saturday evening].

    But, it was fun to see my best friend with her head wrapped in a Wal-mart sack running to my car Saturday evening...

  3. Yeah, I got wet on Saturday too. But it was cool to get such a great storm when we didn't even know it was coming. We were actually at a local restaurant when it hit. We were comforted by the presence of a certain local weather-guy because we thought that certainly if the weather was really bad, he'd know. Silly, I know.