Monday, August 15, 2005

Last Hurrah?

Vacation’s over, folks. Let’s just say that I was not ready to go back to work today. We had some great time off, and I could easily continue the “not going to work” thing. But probably the worst thing about today is last night. Yes, you read correctly; Last night. Our Non-English Speaking Neighbors were at it again.

As I crawled in the bed last night at about 8pm to make my grocery list and relax a bit before bedtime, I could hear the thumping of music drifting over the back fence, across the yard, and through my bedroom wall. I didn’t give it much thought until after 9pm, when there was no break or decrease in volume. We kept the TV on so we didn’t have to hear it, and I finally drifted off to sleep.

1am: Both of the dogs jump out of the bed and run outside barking. Now, remember that Argus barks at stuff all the time, but Criket rarely barks at all. I had no idea what was going on, so I got up to check. Guess who? That’s right – the neighbors are still hanging out on their back deck, partying it up. After I called the dogs in, I wondered why I had the courtesy to so. Clearly it was one freaking o’clock in the morning and my dogs were no louder or more obnoxious than the neighbors. I lay back down, and I swear the Non-English Speakers got louder. I really think that if I could speak Spanish, I would have known exactly what they were discussing, they were that loud.

2am: I had just gone back to sleep when up jump the dogs yet again and run outside barking. This time they woke Husband up as they bounded across the bed. Yes, the neighbors were still going strong. Husband was slightly aggravated, and I was just flat out rebellious. I refused to go tell the dogs to be quiet. I think they finally gave up – it wasn’t the “hey, there’s something going on out here” barking, it was the “shut up, I’m trying to sleep” barking. We all finally settled back down and went to sleep, but I was very unhappy, and still continue to be. It started raining at some point early this morning, and I have to wonder if they finally just quit on their own or if the rain finally drove them inside.

7am: I seriously thought about finding the most obnoxious CD and loudest CD Player in my house, directing it toward the neighbor’s back door, and leaving it on all day long while I went to work.

As I think more about it, the more frustrated I become. The only grace I can give is that this is the last weekend before school starts, and maybe they were having one last hurrah; Plus the fact that they’ve never been that loud or gone that long before. The sad thing is that we can’t even go over and ask them to pipe down (in a nice way of course…at least the first time) because they don’t speak English. If this happens again, we will be forced to call someone to intervene on our behalf just for the simple fact that they do not speak the language of the country in which they reside.

So, aside from all of that, it was raining this morning…the long, slow, gentle rain that makes you want to stay under the covers all day long. Add to that the fact that this is the only morning during the last week that I haven’t been rudely awakened by my dog wanting his breakfast (he was tired from the party last night, I guess). I really did not want to come to work today, but the vacation’s over! Pin It

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  1. All I gotta say is wow, sounds like yall had a night. :-o