Thursday, June 16, 2005


Ok, so today is just random rants. I’m tired, grouchy, and fed up with stupid stuff.

As of late, I’ve noticed that Non-English Speaking Neighbors seem to LIVE on their back porch – with the door wide open. Normally, this would not bother me, except that it drives my over-protective dog completely out of his mind, thus me as well. This brings a few questions to mind: Don’t they use the A/C? The windows are closed during the day, so I’m assuming they do since they haven’t all suffocated to death in the heat. Don’t they care that their precious cash is flowing out the door when it stands wide open? And what about the various flies/June bugs/other random insects that come in the house when the door is open? Do they just like bugs? Get a life, people.

Can I have a solid week without my electricity going out? This morning makes the third time in one week. I’m tired of resetting the stupid digital clocks all over the house. And since I’m so completely anal about it, yes, they must all have the same time on them. It’s not good for the computers, either.

Trash guys should pick up the trash. All of it. Yes, I know it’s heavy - I drug it all the way from the back yard. Just because you don’t like the brown lawn bags I’m using doesn’t mean you can just leave my trash there. I pay you to pick up my trash, so pick it up! When the bill comes, I should call them to tell them I’m docking the bill for the percentage of trash they left on my lawn. That’s more courtesy than they give me.

Why must people drive 25mph in a 40mph zone? Enough said.

Why do I keep finding random things on my desk with no explanation of where they came from? Maybe this is being done to torture me. I can’t stand having a bunch of junk on my desk, and yet, stuff appears out of nowhere and no one seems to know where it came from. C’mon people, I don’t office in a cave – someone has to see who put stuff there! FYI – if you leave something on my desk, I’d better know what it is for…plus, there’s these neat little things called Post-Its – they are great for leaving notes for people….

Ok, that’s enough ranting for now, I suppose. I may think of more later… Pin It

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  1. Well, if non-English speaking neighbor is FROM south of the border - that's the way their culture is. Their life in the house spills out into the lane - or road - or alley. NWA has a lot of flies and bugs but not as many as they are used to. It's kinda like we are about mosquitos. Everyone in NWA fusses about 3 wimpy mosquitos and one or two little bites. We, on the other hand, come from the land of "fighter jet" mosquitos. They come in at the speed of sound, with deadly accuracy and speed away into the night untouched by the wild swats of the offended.
    Now, of course, there is NO explanation for the folks driving 25 mph. Except that I am going to be old one of these days, too. Of course, my fault will be that I am always driving recklessly OVER the speed limit, not creeping along. By the time my grandchildren are ready to drive I'll be about the right age to teach 'em!
    If you weren't so neat and tidy at your desk you wouldn't NOTICE when folks put something on it...thereby NOT accomplishing the task they had in mind...thus an object lesson in not placing items on your desk unexplained. That'll teach 'em.